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Volume 5(1) 2016


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THE BRITISH JOURNAL OF ADVANCE ACADEMIC RESEARCH is devoted to academic papers that contain a significant degree of empirical analysis (quantitative or qualitative in nature). The editors encourage authors to submit papers of interdisciplinary approach. The coverage of the journal involves all subject areas including: Humanities, Social Sciences, Nursing, Environment, Arts (including Archaeology and Anthropology), Development Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, Surveying, Architecture, Law & Justice Studies, Agriculture (including Animal and Aquatic Science), Computer Science, Science & Engineering, Education, Philosophy, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Medical and Health Policy, Nutrition and Home Science, Tourism and Hotel Management etc. All papers are subject to rigorous peer reviews.




Professor Jane Kabubo-Mariara, Director and Dean, School of Economics, University of Nairobi Kenya




Professor Dimitris Kamsaris, Monarch Business School, University for Graduate School and Management, Switzerland




Professor Aida M. El-Asfahani, Faculty of Agriculture, United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi-Al Ain, UAE


Dr. Jamal Barzegari Khanaghah, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accounting, Yazd University, Iran


Professor Akpan H. Ekpo, Director General, Central Bank of Nigeria Learning Centre, Lagos, Nigeria


Dr. Joseph Kofi Teye, Department of Geography and Resource Development, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana


Dr. Gbenga Oduntan, School of Law, University of Kent, United Kingdom


Dr. Akalemwa Ngenda , School of Law, Brunel University, United Kingdom


Dr.Tarig Osman Khider, College of Applied and Industrial Sciences,Department of Forestry (Pulp and Paper), University of Bahri, Sudan


Dr. Catherine Gakii Murungi, Department of Early Childhood Studies, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya.


Professor Mohammad Hadi Dehghani, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Public Health, Dept. of Environmental Health Engineering, Tehran, I.R. Iran


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1.    The Effect Of Trade Openness On Economic Growth In Nigeria; pp. 1-10 [Authors: JELILOV, Gylych;SADA, Maryam Musa; and ISIK, Abdurahman] View Abstract    Download Full Text


2.    The Impact Of Industrialization On Economic Growth: The Nigeria Experience (2000-2013); pp. 11-20 [Authors: JELILOV, Gylych; ENWEREM, Hart Iheoma;  and ISIK, Abdurahman] View Abstract   Download Full Text


3. Judicial Idiosyncracies and The Place of Religion In Judicial Law Making; pp. 21-26 [Author: WIGWE, Chris] View Abstract   Download Full Text


4. Fertility and Child Mortality: An Evaluative Discourse; pp. 27-37 [Author: OYEDELE, Ovikuomagbe] View Abstract  Download Full Text


5. Socio-Economic Implications Of Youth Unemployment In National Development: A Study Of Selected States In The South-East Of Nigeria; pp. 38-58 [Authors: MBAH, Stella I. and IDEMOBI, Ellis I.] View Abstract  Download Full Text


6. Assessing The United Kingdomís Anti-Terrorism Strategy And The Human Rights Implications; pp. 59-74 [Authors: TIJANI, A A and EJERE, D. O] View Abstract  Download Full Text


7. A Discourse On The Theology Of Health Of Women In Delta State: The Biblical Impact On Breast Self-Examination; pp. 75-93 [Authors: OTTUH, John Arierhi and OTTUH, Evelyn] View Abstract   Download Full Text


8. Social Factors And Supportive Classroom Setting As Correlates Of Work Attitude: The Case Of Secondary School Teachers In Nigeria; pp.94-101 [Authors: IRULOH,Betty-Ruth Ngozi and EKURU, Ruby N ] View Abstract  Download Full Text


9. Child Adoption: A Panacea For A Happy Home Among Childless Couples In Rivers State Of Nigeria; pp. 102-109 [Authors: ERNEST-EHIBUDU, Ijeoma Regina and OBIKOYA, Oluwatoyin Gladys] View Abstract  Download Full Text


10. Rescuing the Oceans Around Africa From Environmental Ruination Caused By Plastic Pollution: An Appraisal Of The Legal Regime; pp. 103-117 [Author: Okonkwo, Theodore) View Abstract  Download Full Text


11. Brexit A Consequence Of Combining Constitutionalism, Nationalism And Regional Integration:  A Wakeup Call For The ECOWAS States; pp. 118-126 [Authors: KINGSTON, Kato Gogo and IHUA-MADUENYI, Agent Benjamin] View Abstract   Download Full Text


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