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Volume 4(3) 2014

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The purpose of this journal is to disseminate knowledge and to promote intellectual discussions, research analyses, and pragmatic studies including critiques on topics relevant to wider area of social sciences. AJSS is a multidisciplinary journal covering subjects such as politics, economics, media, information technology, geography, governance, law, foreign trade, corporate social responsibility, business administration, banking/finance, and many others. Scholars and professionals are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. AJSS publishes only original research papers, research notes and reviews. Papers may be in the form of book review, original manuscripts etc. All manuscripts undergo peer reviews.  AJSS is a fast growing and highly rated international journal and listed on the front page of the American Economic Association's World Top Journals list (Econlit);The American Economic Association's electronic database maintains high-quality standards long recognized by subscribers to the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) and is a reliable source of citations and abstracts to economic and social science research.



Professor Dimitris Kamsaris, Monarch Business School, University for Graduate School and Management, Switzerland



Professor (Mrs) Jane Kabubo-Mariara, Director and Dean, School of Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya



Professor Ronald E. Hall, School of Social Work, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, United States



Professor Jason L. Powell, Dept. of Social Gerontology, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University, England, United Kingdom



Dr. M. I Tareque, Dept of Population Science & Human Resource Development, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 




Dr. Akalemwa Ngenda , School of Law, Brunel University, England, United Kingdom 


Dr. Abdulkadir A Egal, Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods, Vaal University of Technology, South Africa  

Professor Godwin A. 
Ugal, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Professor Aida M. El-Asfahani, Faculty of Agriculture, United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi-Al Ain, UAE


Dr. Gbenga Oduntan, School of Law, University of Kent, England, United Kingdom

Professor Akpan H. 
Ekpo, West African Institute For Financial and Economic Management

c/o Central Bank of Nigeria Learning Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. Jamal Barzegari Khanaghah, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accounting, Yazd University, IraN


Dr. M. M Rahman, Dept of Population Science & Human Resource Development, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Professor Christopher Ugwu, Dean of Social Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


Dr. Neyole E. Masinde, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST), Kenya

Dr. (Mrs) Ashish Virk, Institute of Laws, Panjab University Regional Centre, Punjab, India 

Dr. J. B. 
Miima, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST), Kenya

Professor Nicholas Ofiaja, Centre for Ethnic Studies, The City University of New York, United States


Dr. Catherine Gakii Murungi, Department of Early Childhood Studies, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya


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1.  Igniting A Culture Of Capitalism: The Influence Of Churches On Entrepreneurial And Economic Development In Sub-Saharan Africa; pp. 1-13 [Author: GROSS,  Raushan] View Abstract    Download Full Text


2. The Contributions Of Financial Development To Income Levels In Sub-Saharan Africa; pp. 14-27 [Authors: ERBIL, Can; NUNDLALL, Prasandjeet; and, YURTSEVEN, Caglar] View Abstract   Download Full Text


3. The Utility Of Adire: Women Entrepreneurship, Attitude And Marketing Strategies For Competitive Edge; pp. 28-41 [Authors: AREO, Adebowale Biodun and  AREO, Margaret Olugbemisola View Abstract   Download Full Text


4.  Globalization, Poverty And The Environment: The Impact Of Contract Farming On Small Pineapple Farmers In Cameroon; pp. 42-59 [Authors: NGASSAM, Sylvain Bertelet; FEULEFACK, Ludovic; and NGAMENI, Joseph Pasky] View Abstract   Download Full Text


5. The Relationship Between Employee Job Satisfaction And Productivity In The Banking Industry: The Case Of Vietnam; pp. 60-82 [Author: TRUONG, Hong NgocView Abstract  Download Full Text


6. An Investigation Into The Persuasion Of Sales Promotion On Consumers’ Choices In Cameroon; pp. 83-93 [Authors: FANGUE NDJIOZE, Hymette Laure; TSAPI Victor; and DJEUMENE Paul] View Abstract   Download Full Text


7. Educating For Democracy: Implications For National Reconstruction In Nigeria; pp. 94-112 [Authors:NWAOKUGHA,  Douglas .O and KALU, Ngozi  E ] View Abstract  Download Full Text


8. A Theoretical Model Of The Supply Strategies Of Chain Stores In Cameroon; pp. 113-124 [Authors:KENMOGNE FOHOUO, Alain;  DOUANLA, Jean;and KAMDEM, David] View Abstract  Download Full Text


9.  Human Resources Management Problems In Local Government: An Analytical Diagnosis Of The Case Of Nigeria; pp. 125-132 [Author: EKPE, Akpanim N.]  View Abstract   Download Full Text


10. The Determinants And Implications Of Rural-Urban Migration In Nigeria; pp. 133-143 [Author: UDOH, Nathaniel] View Abstract  Download Full Text

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