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Volume 1(1) 2011

ISSN  2046-6935 (Online) 

ISSN 2046-6927 (Print)

Current Cumulative Impact Factor: 37.0




The purpose of the African Journal of Education and Technology is to facilitate intellectual discussions, research analysis, and pragmatic studies and critiques leading to the formulation of policies and suggestions for the improvement of educational development across the world with specific attention to Africa. AJET seeks to develop new theoretical and practical insights into the educational development in Africa and to contribute to the pool of valuable knowledge on how education and technology can be more effective as tools for Africaís sustainable development. AJET publishes original research papers from scholars of educational administration, educational policy development, curriculum developer, lecturers of educational subjects, teachers, education providers, psychologists, guidance counselors, technologists, information scientists, statisticians and other relevant subjects across multi-disciplinary settings which constitute significant contributions to the understanding and  improvement of human development through educational processes and outcomes. All manuscripts are subject to peer review for quality.




Professor (Mrs) Aida M. El-Asfahani, Faculty of Agriculture, United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi-Al Ain, United Arabs Emirate




Dr. Catherine Gakii Murungi, Department of Early Childhood Studies, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya




Dr. J. B. Miima, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST), Kenya


Professor Nicholas Ofiaja, Centre for Ethnic Studies, The City University of New York, United States


Dr. M. I Tareque, Dept of Population Science & Human Resource Development, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Dr. M. M Rahman, Dept of Population Science & Human Resource Development, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Dr. Abdulkadir A Egal, Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods, Vaal University of Technology, South Africa


Dr. Jamal Barzegari Khanaghah, Faculty of Economic, Management and Accounting, Yazd University, Iran


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1.   Instructional Strategies in Primary Schools in Ibadan North Local Government Area: An Empirical Investigation of the Effects on Children Basic Reading and Comprehension Skills; pp. 1-14; [Author: Idogo, Gladys Download Full Text


2.   The Dependent Outcome of Teachers Performance in Secondary Schools in Delta State: An Empirical Assessment of Principalís Supervision Capacity; pp. 15-24 [Author: Nakpodia, E. D] Download Full Text


3.   The Effects of Domestic Violence on Pre-School Children in Nigeria; pp. 25 - 29; [Author: Idogo, Gladys] Download Full Text


4.   Churches and Private Schools as Facilitator of Money Laundering in Nigeria; pp. 30 - 38; [Author:  Kingston, Kato G.] Download Full Text


5.   The Role of Educational Administrators in Nigerian Secondary Schools; pp. 39 - 44; [Author: Anho, Roseline O.] Download Full Text


6.   Moral Conducts of Students in Secondary Schools in Delta State: An Assessment of the Effects of Native Culture on Discipline, Order and Control; pp. 45-52; [Author: Anho, Roseline O.] Download Full Text


7.   A Critique of the Methods of Evaluating the Competency of Lecturers in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions; pp. 53-59; [Author: Nakpodia, E. D] Download Full Text


8.   The Constraints of Information and Communication Technology on Human Resources Development in Nigerian Universities; pp. 60-65; [Author: Urien, J.] Download Full Text


9.   Awareness and use of Effective Study Techniques (EST) among Secondary School Students in Rivers State of Nigeria; pp. 66-74; [Authors: Agina-Obu,T. N; Amakiri, M. E.; and Emesiobi, P Download Full Text


10. Parental Guidance and Children Sexual Behaviour in Namibia: A case study in Windhoek; pp. 75-89 [Authors: Sharma, M and Mufune, P. ]  Download Full Text


11.  Leadership Performance in Primary Schools in Malaysia; pp. 90 - 100; [Authors: Zanariah, Aziz Omar; Kamaruzaman, Jusoff; Sharina, Tajul Urus; Salina Salleh; and, Zarinah, Abdul Rasit] Download Full Text


12. Gender Disparity in the Educational System: An Investigation of the Universal Primary Education in India; pp. 101-115; [Author: Virk, A.] Download Full Text


13. The Impact of Environment on Productivity in Secondary Schools; pp. 116-122; [Author: AKPOREHE, Dorah Ataphia] Download Full Text


14.  The Effectiveness of Modern Information Retrieval Mechanism in Library Administration; pp. 123-126; [Author:  EMOJORHO, Daniel] Download Full Text


15.  An Evaluation of School Environmental Factors Affecting Performance of Boarding Secondary Students in Kenya; pp. 127-138; [Author:  JAGERO, Nelson O.] Download Full Text

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